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Dual-trained specialist in Orthodontics and Oral Radiology

Dr. Zubad Newaz was born in central Ohio and grew up primarily in Ann Arbor, MI where he also proceeded to attend the University of Michigan for undergraduate studies as well as dental school. Dr. Newaz then went on to complete two specialty degrees, first in Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology at the University of Florida, and then in Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics at the NYU-Langone Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. He decided to return to Florida as a place to call home and practice both Orthodontics and Radiology.

Orthodontics is NOT just about straight teeth and a decent bite. Dr. Newaz is best known for centering his practice of orthodontics and dentistry to whole-body wellness, and for recognizing that details of the teeth, jaws, jaw joints (TMJ) and face are directly connected to overall health and can offer many clues to health problems. Understanding that the teeth and jaws are part of the structural framework within which the airway can fit and function, and that airway health, breathing and sleep are central to life and well-being, he is deeply invested in implementing treatment methods that protect or improve the airway, and also works with other professionals (physicians, dentists, surgeons, physical therapists, myofunctional and speech therapists, nutrition counselors, behavior counselors, and many more) as a team to ensure that you or your child receive well-rounded approach to diagnosis and treatment under his care. The deep understanding of head and neck anatomy and conditions that Dr. Newaz gained from his radiology background, as well as spending hundreds of hours in continuing education with leaders in health and airway-centered professionals, have collectively influenced his passion for this type of focus when it comes to orthodontic treatment. The orthodontic profession is on a quest for the truth about its role in overall health and Dr. Newaz is among a minority of professionals within who are progressive-minded and on the forefront to continue to teach and learn about these issues. We are in the midst of a time where these issues are particularly important in the treatment of our children, where these problems are far easier to intercept and prevent health problems later. Too many children in today’s world are under-rested, chronically sick, and suffer from social/cognitive/behavioral issues. Dr. Newaz understands that we must do something about this and gain deeper understanding, not only as members of the health professions, but as a society.

As a result of this type of thinking, Dr. Newaz meticulously studies the details embedded within your or your child’s records and conversations with him to arrive at a carefully thought-out treatment plan. He is uniquely equipped to treat complex orthodontic problems, sleep disorders, and TMJ/orofacial pain disorders. Dr. Newaz remains dedicated to advancing his knowledge and stays engaged in contributing to the profession, having authored numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals, and shares his knowledge on 3D radiography and airway orthodontics with dental professionals in local dental societies and study clubs.

When not engaged in dental practice, Dr. Newaz spends his free time playing golf, basketball, tennis, and enjoying the great outdoors. He is an avid follower of sports and is of course a huge Michigan Wolverines fan, although he is not too thrilled about their football woes against their foes at Ohio State over the last twenty years. Hopefully he can give Michigan something to be proud about if he helps his patients in their journeys to better health!

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