Orthodontics for Adults

Perhaps you had previous orthodontic treatment and lost your retainers or weren’t told you need to wear them for the long-term. Perhaps you have always wanted to broaden that smile, refine that alignment, or improve your overbite or underbite. Or, you just want to build your bite in a position that is more comfortable for your TMJ and facial muscles or are seeking for ways to breathe or sleep better. Ask Dr. Newaz if orthodontics would be right for you. As for airway improvement, novel therapies such as bone-anchored palate expansion (MSE) or other dental arch-development appliances in conjunction with traditional orthodontic approaches (braces or Invisalign) can be of some benefit or at the very least, supportive in helping improve your dentofacial anatomy. Collaboration with other professionals is often necessary, such as with the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon for jaw advancement orthognathic surgery, or the sleep physician to comprehensively assess sleep disorders, or the ENT physician to improve sinonasal airflow and function, among many others. It is important to know that while orthodontics is a great vehicle to improve smile/facial esthetics, bite, facial structure and some aspects of airway improvement, it is by no means the only way, and is not necessarily the right means of treatment for everyone. Many patients benefit from treatment with oral appliances/orthotics, or treatments outside of dentistry altogether – many people do not know the power of simple modifications in diet, lifestyle, other basic health assessments from your physician, and your environment as they pertain to your realization of overall wellness!

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