Orthodontics is not just about straight teeth

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Straight teeth are great, but they are part of a greater foundation of your jaws, facial structure, and more broadly, the whole body. Thoughtful, in-depth analysis of your or your child’s anatomy, physiology and neurology is required to accurately predict the outcome of treatment. Straightening teeth and making a beautiful smile is the easy part. Being sure that the final position of the jaws that carry that new beautiful smile is the tricky part. Many orthodontic treatment plans do not account for the breath, posture and spine, neurological balance and muscle function that are necessary to be a part of the whole-body wellness equation. However, it is also important to not overcomplicate the equation – many individuals have great overall structure without other wellness-related problems and are simply looking for straighter teeth, a better smile, or a bite that fits together a bit better, and for these individuals, a simple round of Invisalign or braces might just be what the doctor ordered!

  • Comprehensive orthodontics
  • Early/interceptive orthodontics
  • Adult orthodontics
  • Braces
  • Invisalign
  • Palate expansion and other arch development
  • Bite plates/functional appliances
  • Myobrace
  • Maxillary Skeletal Expansion (MSE)
  • Surgical orthodontics/orthognathic cases
  • Surgically facilitated orthodontic treatment (SFOT)

Sleep Therapy, TMJ treatment

  • Oral appliance therapy, daytime & nighttime orthotics and splints
  • Snore guards
  • Mandibular advancement devices for sleep apnea


  • 2D and 3D (CBCT) imaging
  • Digital impressions/iTero scanning
  • Radiology reports

Expertise/consultation services

  • Have questions about what treatment is right for you? 
  • Heard about Dr. Newaz on the jaw-development world of cyberspace and want some guidance or opinions? 
  • Heard somewhere that he might have a good ear for listening to and relating to patients? 
  • Have imaging or records from somewhere and need to lean on Dr. Newaz’s unique blend of orthodontic and radiology expertise to make sense of everything?

Dr. Newaz cares about you, and much less about whether you undertake treatment with him or someone else who will take good care of you. He just wants to help and wants you to be better educated about what can be done to address various issues. He knows like-minded people in many pockets of the country/world who can perhaps be better positioned or located to help you.

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