Orthodontics for Children

The way the teeth and jaws are positioned and relate is a product of a combination of genetics, environmental factors, airway and breathing, and the function and position of the facial muscles and the tongue. Orthodontic treatment therefore must consider why the teeth and jaws are the way they are, as a part of identifying the problem and developing a treatment plan to fix the problem.

Orthodontics centered around breathing is part of the cure for children who snore, have apnea, or other signs of sleep disorders, and can prevent such problems in children who don’t. An astounding correlation of 70% of children who snore have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Children with OSA can be frequently diagnosed as having ADHD and placed on medication when in fact their problems are being caused by sleep deprivation. Dr. Newaz can evaluate the need to intercept the growth patterns that are developing from mouth breathing and airway obstruction, and further identify the right professionals to be part of an interdisciplinary team to address areas that orthodontics alone cannot. Children’s bodies are changing and can be guided to grow in the most favorable pattern: lips closed with open nasal airways. This provides the best opportunity for ideal balance, posture, internal wellness from the start.

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